Saturday, September 27, 2008

Making Whipped (spun) Honey

We took some of the surplus honey and decided to experiment with some whipped or creamed honey this year. Depending on where you are from, different names are used for this type of processed honey product. Some call it creamed honey, others call it whipped honey and some call it spun honey. It's all the same thing and it has no cream, is not whipped nor spun. It is 100% honey with nothing added and nothing taken away, but it has been processed to optimize the crystallization process by a heating and cooling process. To start the crystal process, a "seed-honey" is used much like using a sour-dough seed to start a sour-dough bread recipe. The seed-honey is already creamed and has the needed crystal structure which spreads throughout the honey when mixed.

The photo below shows the seed honey being combined with the batch of heat-treated honey that has cooled back to about 80F.

When it is done right, you end up with a creamy-light colored honey that has the consistency of peanut-butter. It should stick to a knife without dripping, yet liquefies quickly on your tongue or on warm toast or muffins - Yummy!

The process also requires a week or more stored at just the right cool but not cold temperature. We'll have to wait a few weeks to know if ours came out just right.


Anonymous said...

oh my,I hav enot had spun honey since I was a kid,do you sell this!!

honeybee said...

i am a 14 year old bee keeper and my english teacher thinks that sugared honey goes to waste. i guess at school i will have to prove her wrong with a little of my spun honey

Anonymous said...

Ooh it looks so good. I googled spun honey hoping I could make it at home with my Kitchen Aid, or something to that effect. I'm sad to know that I can't. Oh well. At least I know where to buy some.

Bart said...

Strawberries and honey are just delectable to the taste. I have always been used to eating berries mixed with shakes and juices and have never imagined gobbling deep-fried ones. Let me just buy creamed honey and I'm sure to cook up this exciting mix.

Thank you and more power!

marykjmj1 said...

I just took some "gross-looking" honey that had crystallized and am trying spun honey with it. I scraped it into a plastic container and actually did whip it with my hand blender. The crystals were rather large so I hope the whipping process created the smaller "seed" for the process. I will see. God bless.