Monday, February 05, 2007

The Bees Have Survived!

After the worst six weeks of winter I've ever seen in Colorado, the bees came out for some air today when the sun was shining and the temps reached up to the lower 40s (F). Until today, we hadn't seen any sign of them in over a month.

January was a record-cold month and we had snow-storms every week since before Christmas. How bad was it? Dave the weatherman reports:
  • The Average Temp for January was 18.7 F, that's more than 20 degrees colder than normal.
  • We had 13 days with below-zero temperatures. The coldest average low for January is normally +11 F.
  • The coldest January temp was -11.9 F, on Jan 15th. The record cold for that day is -12 F.
  • The coldest February temp was -22.4 F on Feb 2nd, breaking the old record by more than 10 degrees!
  • Our coldest wind-chill reading was -35.2 F also on Feb 2nd.
  • We've had 65.6" of snowfall so far this season.
The simple fact that the bees survived January is cause for celebration! Let's hope the worst is past us now.