Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Drones! (April 22nd Inspection)

We've been continuing to provide syrup for the bees, at about a gallon a week. They seem to be gathering plenty of pollen, so we are not providing any pollen patties.

During this most recent inspection we saw plenty of drones (as shown in the picture above). There also seemed to be plenty of brood, so we did not completely open the hive looking for the queen.

EDIT: The picture below shows some more of the (now empty) burr comb on the top of the frames. Was it drones?

The most unusual thing, was the extended comb on the bottoms of the frames. Now that the top burr comb was empty, the bottom was occupied by larvae. In this picture (below) notice we accidentally broke open some of this capped brood and can see the nearly formed bee (is it a new queen?). Can you see the eyes?

In the yard, there is an abundance of dandelions this year, perhaps from the wetter spring we've had. The bees can be seen frequenting the dandelions and the pear blossoms. Soon our crab apples will be opening, followed by the choke-cherries and lilacs.

EDIT: Here is a visitor on the dandelions: