Sunday, September 14, 2008

Another Honey Harvest: 9/13/08

We recovered the last frames of surplus honey from the hives yesterday. When we harvested the six medium supers on Labor day, we sorted out all that were less than 100% capped and put them back on the hives. It amounted to about 1 super on each hive or about 10 frames each. Since it is getting late in the season, we gave them just 2-weeks to finish capping them, which really wasn't enough but we're out of time now and what they pack and cap from now on must be for their winter stores.

From the 20 frames we took there was only about 10 that were completely capped now and the rest we'll just freeze and give back to them in the spring. We've been too busy to process the honey and bottle it, so we don't know what the final total will be, but up until now we have already bottled 279 pounds. It will be close, but we might even break 300 once it is all processed. We're both amazed at the bounty this year.

The photo below shows just a portion of the 156 lbs from Labor Day:

UPDATE (9/27/08): We have totaled all the honey harvests from this season: 312 lbs!


─░lhami Uyar said...

Everything perfect,succesuful harvest,I hope you sell shorttime and you earn more money,best regards and wishes

Anonymous said...

Wow! Excellent honey crop! In many parts of the country, they were predicting a good honey crop because of the late spring. We had a good honey crop here in NW Oregon. For some reason, the bees get just that much more honey the later the spring.