Thursday, April 13, 2006

The Good Life

What could be better than the taste of a fresh tomato, warmed by the sun, or a sweet strawberry pulled right from the vine? This is what a garden is to me. Not only to feel the dirt on my fingers but to taste the rewards from a season of patience and work. Knowing this about me, you also need to know that I have a low technology I.Q. I would much rather be working with my hands than typing at a computer but I have been a journal keeper for most of my life and this seems like then next natural step to journal keeping. I have lately been asked to share some successes we have had in our garden and give some advice that might help other gardeners. I don't feel completely comfortable with that since gardening is a hobby of trial and error but at least I can share some of the errors I have made and hopefully tell you some success stories from our garden.

This is the time of anticipation in a gardeners life. We (my husband and I), have cleaned up the weeds, tilled the dirt and planted our first seeds. I have decided to try planting snow peas this year. I have not had lots of success with regular peas and thought that this would be a better vegetable for us since my family really likes stir fry. I planted the seeds and waited and waited. I watered them everyday, since it has been extremely dry lately, but nothing. I tried not to get discouraged but where were my seedlings? I still watered them everyday and said a silent prayer that they would grow but I must admit that my hopes were fading. Finally after more than three weeks of watchful gardening, the first of several plants started peeking through the dirt. Oh happy day! So my first advice to my fellow gardeners, be patient. Seeds like people, often develop and grow in their own time. Posted by Picasa

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