Saturday, March 10, 2012

100% Loss to Colony Collapse

Where have all the honeybees gone? We had a gorgeous spring day and went to add some more honey frames to our beehives, but the bees were all gone! There was still quite a bit of honey available in the top boxes, but no bees, no brood, no cluster, no dead bees, no signs of disease, just gone! It was the same for both colonies. These are classic signs of the Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD)



I guess we've lost our status as bee "keepers". It was a sad day at the bee farm today.


Christopher Beeson said...

Wow, that is sad to hear. I'm so sorry!

It looks like there might be a few bees on the bottom board (from the way the pictures look)? Is there a place you can send them to and have them checked for pesticides, mites or disease?

As hard as it is to find no bees in the spring time, I've heard it said that the comb is more valuable than the bees themselves.

A new package or swarm of bees in your hive and they'll be back in business in no time!

Gary said...

Sorry to hear that guys, were the bees treated for mites before winter and what was the mite count?

Had a similar thing with some of our hives after last winter and the mites were the cause.

Really sorry to hear about the loss, I know what it feels like and it sucks.

New Zealand

D. Broberg said...

Others in this area with similar problems as reported by the local news:

Stephen said...

Hi from the UK. The Barefoot Beekeeper (google biobees) has some interesting ideas about CCD. He blames it on neonicitinoids - which are more widely used in the US -- and banned in a lot of Europe.

Mil said...

I am hoping you will get some new bees and keep hives again. Any word?