Sunday, October 05, 2008

Fall Colors in our Garden

Well fall is here and the leaves are changing, but we haven't had our first frost yet. This is unusual for our location and it means we get to enjoy a second burst from our garden. The mild weather has given the garden a new burst of color and blooms that makes this a great time of year. Today was a bright overcast day, which made it perfect for snapping a few pictures. I thought I'd put some here to share the color we are enjoying. All of these were taken in our own garden today. Click to see full size.

Maple leaves from our one and only maple tree.

Yellow Flowers

Red & White Dahlia and a Red Poppy

Pink Holly Hocks

Bicolor Zinnia and Blue Delphiniums

Pink-Yellow Rose

As you can see from the pictures that even though the asters, russian sage and spirea have all faded, the bees are still finding plenty to feast from in our gardens.

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Victor said...

Awesome pictures !! Also planted a lot of fall flowers in my garden last year.