Sunday, April 27, 2008

April 27 Inspection

Nectar Tubes (proboscis)
I caught these two sister bees cleaning up some of the spilled honey during our inspection today. If you look at the larger image, you can see the complex mouth parts and the nectar tubes (proboscis).

Minnesota Queen
We caught a glimpse of the new Minnesota queen today. She seemed to be getting settled into the new hive and apparently everything went well with her release from the marshmallow plugged cage. We didn't see any eggs today, as hard as we looked, but she was moving around the hive with a busy determination.

Baby-Bee #1
While looking at the hive that overwintered, we caught this new baby bee just emerging from the cell. Most of the cells on this frame had already opened, but a few more were just starting.

Baby-Bee #2
This is the baby bee just as she fully emerged from the cell. This frame was from the middle box, which had been switched with the lower box previously.

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Mistress Beek said...

Wow, these are amazing and instructive photos. Thanks for sharing them!