Tuesday, May 01, 2007

May Day 2007

Happy May Day! Spring at our place is in full bloom. Virtually every one of our fruit trees are blooming at the same time now. We've got three varieties of crabapple trees, Granny Smith and Gala apples, cherries, plum and the choke-cherries lining the drive are all blooming this week. There are also a few flowering shrubs blooming and even the lilacs have started to bloom just this morning. I suspect the bees think they're in heaven right about now.

We've had a wet April and everything is so green too. It's quite a switch from last year. Yesterday (April 30) also marked our first harvest from the garden: 4 lbs of fresh rhubarb.

We've got about two more weeks before the new bees arrive.


Ngaio said...

I really enjoy ready your blog, being a new beekeeper myself, its great to read and learn from others.
It is autumn here in the Antipodes (NZ) and my 2 hives are slowing down and getting ready for winter.

It is a great hobby isn`t it ?

Linda T said...

I love visiting your blog - your pictures are always gorgeous. One of my daughters went to CU and I always thought Boulder and the surrounding area were so pretty - bee haven!