Monday, October 01, 2012

End of an Era

We did not replace our bees this season and with the uncertainty over CCD, we decided to burn the brood boxes that they occupied last winter. We sold off the remaining equipment and are officially retired from beekeeping. 


Steven C said...

Sorry to hear you are leaving the hobby. I'm a 4th year beekeeper, and it's now "in my blood." I don't think I could ever stop keeping bees. I know it can be frustrating - I hope things work out for you!

Georgie said...

So sad to see the demise of your bees hives, Wishing you all the best for future endeavours

Christopher said...

Wow- I'm hoping (for all of our sakes) that it wasn't CCD. I'd like to believe/hope CCD was on the decline and no one was experiencing it anymore.

Whatever it was, I'm feel sad you lost the hives. It's been fun to follow your blog. Do let us know if you decide to get more hives!

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Mission Viejo Bee Removal said...

So massive! BTW how much things are damaged?